2018 Primary & Conventions

Congratulations to the Prevailing Candidates of the Primary!

Judge Joe Fauth was elected Grimes County Judge. He is currently serving the remainder of this year’s term as Judge after being appointed by the Commissioners, and there is no Democrat challenger for November. He will continue to serve for 4 more years beginning in January. Congratulations Judge Joe!

David Dobyanski will continue to serve as Commissioner, Precinct 2. There is no Democratic opponent on November’s ballot. Congratulations David!

The only contested race in the November election will be for Justice of the Peace, precinct 3. Mark Laughlin is the Republican running for the position. Please get to know Mark and support him for JP! He is a strong candidate.

CONVENTIONS are coming!! You didn’t miss the precinct convention – they will be held on March 24. Go to Conventions Page HERE. Hope to see you at the convention!